LifePrintOS Analyst,
Integrative Medicine Specialist

Ever have the sense that something's missing from your life? Like you aren’t following the path you thought you were meant to follow… and you don’t even know where to begin?

Do you feel lost and hopeless and often wonder if this is all there is and yet you have a burning desire to change and improve the world and simply don't know how or what to do? 

That was definitely me over 10 years ago, suffering with post-natal depression and a severe disillusionment with my career and purpose I was diagnosed with a nervous breakdown, and was guided to pursue a life in Holistic Healing.

Coming from a generation that believed you had to have a degree and a “real job” and that you had to live in a box-system and toe-the-line. I braved the judgements and stepped out from all of it. 

I have never been happier, more fulfilled and am now living a purpose-driven life with the flexibility of being a Mom, Wellness Centre Owner, Holistic Therapist and Trainer. 

With my personal experiences, extensive training and knowledge of profound and cutting edge systems like The LifePrintOS, BodyTalk, Access Consciousness and too many others to list, I invite you to join me to discover and explore exactly what it is that you are here to do.

I believe in your absolute potential and that we all have a purpose to fulfill on this planet and in this lifetime and unless you can visualize or understand where that is, that space you would rather be, you won’t ever shift your current perspective.

Let me help you to align your awareness and purpose to your absolute potential and step into the life you always wanted and were meant to live.