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Token Description


The LifePrintOS Access token will be the utility token used for the future access to The LifePrintOS Platform; A Performance Evaluation, Enhancement and Evolution Of Talent Management Systems & Software.

It will allow for clients to pay using the utility token and allow Certified LifePrintOS Analysts to Receive Payment For their Services designated to the industry. Token Holders will also be able to attend live/online Training Courses & Events.

Conditions Of Token


There is a limited supply of these tokens and they will be used for Personal Performance Profiles. Participants of The LifePrintOS will receive token bonuses for completing training modules and affiliate referrals.


Customers can redeem or trade their LifePrint Access tokens for 1-on-1 services, performance profiles and Online/Live Trainings.

Amount of tokens required to participate will be at a 18% discount on the fiat investment to promote blockchain development, support and are dependent on the Analysts or Event Fiat Investments.

Token Exchange For Utility Launch - End June 2022 

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Development Scale And Expected Timeline

May 2021 - Crypto-Currency Launch


May 2021 - Early Investor Bonus

June 2021 - Website Token Exchange

October 2023 - LifePrintOS A:I:B:A Robotic Architecture IPO Launch

January 2022 - NFT Security Delayed Due to Flare Network And Panther

February 2022 - NFT Collectables

May 2022 - A.I Dev Launch

October 2022 - Alexa Google Siri


LifePrintOS Access Token Pre-Release On Stellar Exchanges (XLM)Current Listed Exchanges:

Early Investor Bonus Tokens For The First 9 Investors
6/9 left at current Investment Level: 0.0000618XLM
Next Bonus Level: 0.9 XLM (Big Bonus Bonanza)

Tokens Become Available To Exchange On Website For:
LifePrintOS Personal Performance Profile Reports

LifePrintOS Personal Performance Cloud-Based Software
LifePrintOS Online Training Events

LifePrintOS Online Academy

LifePrintOS Special Select Analyst Services

LifePrintOS Personal Performance Software Is Secured Through It's Own Non-Fungable-Token(NFT) Contracts ensuring your behaviour analytics are safe and kept away from prying eyes.

LifePrintOS Rare Performance Profile Collectables.

Exclusive & Rare Celebrity Performance Profiles With MetaTag Contracts

Dive into the mindset of your favourite stars or order for special requests

LifePrintOS Development Team begin A.I Deep Learning Protocols Tracking Needs & Building Solutions based on search criteria

LifePrintOS Development Team integrate A.I Deep Learning Solutions into voice activated Alexa, Google & Siri Skills

LifePrintOS Artificial Intelligent Behaviour Algorithms(A:I:B:A) for friendly safe and secure behaviour neural architecture for robots with personality.
Human & Robotic Behaviour Interactivity Integration.

Assets Already Deployed

May 25th 2021

The LifePrintOS Leadership Learning & Development
Academy Launchpad

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The LifePrintOS Cloud Based Software
Precision Performance Profiling & Talent Growth Movement

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LifePrint Lucas 1.png
Lifeprint Lucas 2.png

Get Realtime Performance Analytics For Partnerships & Teams

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Exclusive Celebrity & Sports Star Collectable NFT's

Jump Into The Mindset Of Your Beloved Champions

21+ Performance Profile & Mindset Map Analytics 

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