LifePrint Analyst & Event Facilitator, LifePrint SoulOS Connector, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Integrative Med. Specialist

You are sacred and here for a divine purpose.
If you have difficulty relating to this you are not alone and it's time for that to shift.

Let’s move into your heart, expand and explore who you are.   When you know yourself, what your needs are, you become the fuel for your own fire… one that's united with your heart, where your passion and potential arise.  


Whether on a yoga mat, one-on-one, group facilitations or simply day to day conversations come join me and fall in Love with who you truly are and all you’re meant to be.

The LifePrintOS unfolded a sacred path that I wasn’t able to connect with or see before.  This allowed a new relationship with myself to blossom and evolve, while I observed in awe the impact this had on my life and the people around me as my dreams began to come to fruition with ease and flow.


Passionate about igniting potential and witnessing the blossoming of self-love in my clients it only made sense to call my business True Potential; because once you unify with all of who you are... 
Your true-self... 
Anything is possible!



Love Yourself


Lindsay Maurice

Harmonize Your Health |  Embrace Your Potential

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