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9 Months Integrative Performance Mentorship + Build Activate & Integrate
(18) Integrative Performance Training Sessions + Q&A (90mins) max

(18) Integrative Sessions(30mins)

Every second week For a Total of 18

Training Manual + Charts



First 90mins of contact is prioritzed to accelerating the Mentee and his/her understanding in approach and methodologies to facilitaing a LifePrintOS Integrative Performance Facilitation.

All 24 Resonance Modulations
All Exploration and Navigation Strategies

18 Essential Body Balance Facilitation

Remaining 30mins is focused on an Integrative Performance Session for the clients using what has and will be learned and integrated.

LifePrintOS Integrative Practitioner Mentorship + Assets

  • This Event developed by Justin Damian Furness for The LifePrintOS Masterclass and falls under the LifePrintOS Trademarks and Intellectual Property.

    Upon successful acceptance the applicant agrees to keep all branding and reference to The LifePrintOS and Justin Damian Furness.

    If the Applicant leaves the LifePrintOS, the applicant is still permitted to continue their programs provided the branding and references to the Creator & Founder remain in place.  

    All we ask is to give credit to the original creator and founder of the program.

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