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Evaluate Mindset | Enhance Performance | Evolve Talent
Turning Coaching & Change-Management Into A System For Success

Explore The LifePrintOS

Preparing people and businesses for their brightest future! 

The LifePrint Operating System is pioneering the field of behaviour & performance analytics with a dedication of commitment to our client's future success.


Combining a bespoke Change Management Software and International Coaching Certification Program for Individuals and Companies looking to Develop a Conscious Coaching and Change-Management Culture for their Clients and Talent to Thrive in. 


Coaching, facilitating and training leadership to become connective communicators and coaches through an experiential training, facilitation and development experience.


Our LifePrintOS Analysts, Program Directors and Trainers will effectively evaluate each individual, relationship or team dynamic and implement individual/group trainings and change patterns designed to
efficiently enhance and evolve their performance and mindset towards any desired result.

About The LifePrintOS

Changing The World One Human at a time
Justin Damian Furness - Creator & Founder 

The LifePrintOS formulas and methodology based on the Published Science Of Resonance was launched to evaluate a person, relationship, team or group's baseline behavior patterns and the required highest driving needs that are necessary to feel valued and fulfilled within life or business.


When this is applied the result is higher engagement, elevated efficiency and happier more connected people who are inspired to collaborate and produce higher quality results consistently.


Ever since 2011, The LifePrint Operating System has been providing participants with an energy rich and diverse transformational environment;  knowledge, creativity and a hands-on training experience have always been at our core, and we’re proud of the multiple generations of diverse participants who have graduated our coaching programs. 

In 2023 after 2 years of development The LifePrintOS is getting ready to launch our full Coaching & Change-Management Solution for enterprise clients wanting to create and scale a coaching and change-management culture from within, using the LifePrintOS Suite.

 LifePrintOS Software Suite 

Create & Scale A Coaching & Change-Management Culture

doing work together

Justin and his company of coaches, program directors and trainers work with your talent individually or in a team to coach and support them through any challenge, process of change, difficulty or transition.  Develop your talent and turn stress into success... LEARN MORE

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Justin will personally train and onboard your Leadership to use the LifePrintOS software and solution suite to enhance your talent and teams performance, turning your leadership into a culture of coaches equipped to lead talent through any change. LEARN MORE

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Bespoke Business Build
Integrate LifePrintOS X ORG

Our enterprise and flagship solution is a bespoke build for your company and includes coaching, training, onboarding and support.  Your entire ORG is setup in-house and all talent and teams preloaded. BOOK A DEMO


Our Training Event Calendar

The LifePrintOS Leadership Event is a 2 Day Immersive Training that is designed to equip each participant with a complete understanding of their full-spectrum of performance, how a mindset is conditioned, their unique neurological wiring and the moves that are necessary to experience increased levels of frictionless-flow towards high performance and fulfilment and leading a life fuelled by passion and purpose.

The participant will leave with the ability to shift themselves from a protective mindset in a state of stress switching to a growth mindset, a state of success all based on their individual LifePrint
OS Performance Profile.

Audience at a Concert


9 Day Eve
nt Over 3 Months:

 - Your Trainer -
Justin Damian Furness
Creator & Founder @ The LifePrintOS

Starting June 21st 2023


Integrative Performance Practitioner Founder Training

A New Era & Approach To
Healthy High Performance

- Facilitator & Trainer -

Justin Damian Furness Creator & Founder

Launched January 2023

Reaching a Deal


" How do you expect your customers to love your company if your employee's don't love it first? "

Leadership is not about your team serving you and more about you serving your team. 
The LifePrint
OS performance and people analytics will equip your team, leadership and management with the clarity necessary for connective communication and the transformational tools and templates to convert pressure into progress and stress into success helping your people to feel fulfilled and valued within their roles.

Team Talk


January 1, 2023

Meet LifePrint's Top Analysts, find a match that meets your every need and discover strategies to move forward and start experiencing the life you deserve.
Book online and get your appointment today.

Tropical Island


16th-23rd June 2025

LifePrintOS Analysts & Academy Members join Justin for 7 Days of Soul expanding and evolutionary processes where you will be taught a hands on Methodology that produces a profound shift and transformative change in consciousness.

"Everyone is born a genius but the process of living de-geniuses them.

Buckminster Fuller



  • Hauptstrasse 16F

  • Ermatingen, 8272

  • Switzerland

+41 79 303 5717

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