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The LifePrintOS provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to help leaders develop their organisational behaviour and leadership capabilities. Through a unique combination of coaching, cutting-edge change-management systems and the latest in behavioural research and data analytics, the LifePrintOS offers the ultimate personalized leadership and coaching development experience.

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Success Stories

Success Stories
Sunette Life Changing

Sunette Life Changing

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Zaahida 10 X Business Revenue

Zaahida 10 X Business Revenue

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Shannon Multi-functional

Shannon Multi-functional

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Udo Grow Business 1000%

Udo Grow Business 1000%

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 LifePrintOS Software Suite 

Create & Scale A Coaching & Change-Management Culture

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Justin and his company of coaches, program directors and trainers work with your talent individually or in a team to coach and support them through any challenge, process of change, difficulty or transition.  Develop your talent and turn stress into success... LEARN MORE

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Justin will personally train and onboard your Leadership to use the LifePrintOS software and solution suite to enhance your talent and teams performance, turning your leadership into a culture of coaches equipped to lead talent through any change. LEARN MORE

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Bespoke Business Build
Integrate LifePrintOS X ORG

Our enterprise and flagship solution is a bespoke build to scale your company and culture of coaches and includes coaching certification, training, onboarding and support.  Your entire ORG is setup in-house and all talent and teams preloaded.

Developing Your Leadership & Culture Connectivity

At The LifePrintOS, our leading-edge leadership development services leverage the most advanced behavior assessments, competency models, and leadership frameworks to help you drive team collaboration, optimize performance and develop leadership capacity within your organization.
Unlock the power of meaningful conversations, and let us help you maximize the success and engagement of your teams.

What You'll Learn:

" Inspiration Beats Motivation Every Time "

Explore the 3 Missions critical to achieving success in any individual or team.

Build and integrate new healthy belief systems and use connective communication styles.

Avoid burnout, silent resignation and and stress leave in your talent and teams.

Apply growth mindset frameworks and approaches to remove the need for motivation.

Discover how to turn relationship resistance into rappor, resonance and results.

Discover how to turn relationship resistance into rappor, resonance and results.

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Who Would Benefit?

  • Project Managers, Talent & Team Leaders

  • HR Directors & Managers

  • C-Suite & Executives

  • Coaches, Change-Management, Trainers

  • Leadership Developers & Facilitators

  • Relationship Managers & Consultants

Conscious & Connective Content 

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Step 1 - The Mission

Participants are walked through the 3 Missions critical to success in any individual or team and discover how to turn procrastination into progression by activating their willpower and the willpower of others. After this step they'll be able to identify where the conflict or resistance is in any of the 3 Missions and what it is they want to achieve.


Step 2 - The Mindset

We talk about Mindset all the time, but does anybody actually know what it is, how to change it and how it relates to the Missions?
In this step participants discover where energy comes from and how to use it effectively in themselves and generate it in others so they'll never need motivation again.


Step 3 - The Moves

Successful leaders today require a well-balanced skill set, yet few have a skill set for their mindset and that of their teams. The iNSP!RE program is the foundational understanding of a person's mindset, their willpower, wellbeing and the moves necessary to shift struggle and stress into success.

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Step 4 - Beliefs Systems

Our belief systems frame our experience and are responsible for how we engage in the world either acting as borders or bridges to achievement. Participants learn an essential skill set to change and integrate new healthy belief systems that change their life and the lives of their talent and team.


Step 5 - T.R.U.S.T

Without TRUST you have nothing! Trust is an essential component to any successful and thriving company and culture. Trust ensures a psychological safe space to address vulnerabilities and enhance growth.  Knowing that leaders can be relied upon to uplift, support and empower when times are the toughest.


Behavior & Neurological Change Exercises 

The group is guided through a simple neurological change pattern integrating everything they've discovered and assists them to overcome challenges, self-limitations and to work together to achieve their outcomes.


A Message From Our Founder
Creator, Founder & CEO, The LifePrint Operating System
Justin Damian Furness

"It is an honor to be able to champion the next generation of Connective Leaders into a new era of company coaching culture.


More than ever, we are faced with challenges and constant stress that comes with an ever changing and sometimes competitive environment. Connecting the hearts, minds and talent within your company towards an inspirational coaching model so they can have a space of psychological safety to transcend what they thought was previously impossible. 


That's why I created The iNSP!RE Program!

With this event, your Leadership become Coaches who empower their teams to face and conquer every challenge...

... see you on the growth side!"

Select Your Success Service

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Define & Deliver
The iNSP!RE Mastermind

Define the scope and scale of the delivery for our flagship leadership learning and development experience.

Whether online, offline, on-site or off-site, all your needs will be nurtured and nourished, prior, during and well after the event.


Define Develop & Deliver
iNSP!RE Mastermind + Coaching Support

Allow us to take care of developing your talent and team through our Private Coaching Program, our ACT!VATE Partner Program brings about dynamic change and delivers results when you pair and partner with a Coaching Mentor. 


This is a premium service that transfers additional assets and skill-sets to integrate A High Performance Mindset in a more intimate and personalised experience.


Define Design Develop & Deliver
Your Mission | Your Mindset | Your Move

Every company, culture and challenge is different!


Together we define each problem, pain point and successful outcome, design a bespoke strategy and structure that will develop your talent or team and deliver a change management solution that is scalable across your organization.

Meet Our iNSP!RE Program Directors

Amy Douglas
Leadership Communication Coach Msc. CPCC

Amy specializes in the neuroscience of connection, culture co-creation and communicating for empowered change. Her focus is communication that builds trust, unlocks the best of the executive brain, and truly moves people to be their best - optimizing collaborative advantage. Higher leadership, deeper learning, and healthier results.

SuitTheSoul Headshot.jpeg

Zaahida Mahomedy
EQ Mentor & Coach

What holds you back from experiencing vibrant health, joy and success? Whether it’s improving your physical health, overcoming past trauma, reducing stress and anxiety, overcoming depression, improving relationships, gaining self-confidence or any combination thereof, it’s my honour and privilege to support you in this journey.


Seema Giri
Leadership Development Mentor DASSM PMP ®

4x #1 international bestselling and award winning author, book-writing mentor, public speaker, and storyteller with a 30-year career in coaching and mentoring, having impacted the lives of over 100,000 leaders and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Seema has received multiple commendations as a Toastmasters public speaker including the Distinguished Toastmaster Award.


Stacey Tessis
Integrative Healthcare Practitioner

Are you ready to reclaim your power and restore trust in yourself? Are you ready to move forward with confidence and a deep inner knowing that you are the designer of your destiny? I would be honoured to accompany you or your team through this next phase of your growth.

Stacey Tessis.png

Rhonda Hecht
Integrative Healthcare Practitioner

A passion for purpose and progress Rhonda will take you and your team from procrastination to progression by utilizing practical and playful strategies that turn pressure into progress.


Erena Oliver
Relationship Coach

Relationship rescue is Erena's superpower as she turns the ship around using stepping stones that converts conflict into connection both personally and professionally. 

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