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Behind Every Behavior Is A Need Wanting To Be Fulfilled

If you really want to win at this game called Life then you have to understand the rules in order to score and feel as though Life is happening for you and not too you.


Just imagine how hard it would be to score on a football field if you didn't know the rules, what do you think your odds would be? Yes you would definitely learn through trial and error but just how many of you would give up in the process, out of pure frustration of just not being able to win.


If you're curious to know what the neurochemistry does when you fail, fall short or lose and how to hack failure into success then have a read here.


This is exactly what happens in Life, I see too many people just going through the motions in an attempt to figure it out, if you knew the rules and how to score, would it be easier?

Of course it would be!


Every decision, action and anything you say MUST be guided by these 3 questions!


Is it good for you? Is it good for others? and, Does it serve the greater good?


These 3 questions alone will keep you in alignment of a Growth Mindset and encouraging performance pattern.


The 9 Human Needs Behind All Emotions & Behavior


1. Significance

2. Certainty/Security

3. Variety/Adventure

4. Connection/Love/Belonging

5. Freedom/Independence

6. Growth/Challenges

7. Harmony

8. Self Mastery

9. Contribution/Higher Purpose




We all want to feel as if our life is unique, that we're special in some way, and, that we have purpose and meaning, some people will reach Significance by having power over others, putting them down or feeling superior to them in some way; violence is especially effective for this which is why it's been around forever! Other ways people reach Significance is by having piercings or tattoos that make them stand out, skill-sets that nobody else has or Titles; like a Ph.D. What about a bigger car, thicker bank-roll, there are numerous ways that will give you a sense of importance. We all, all of us want to feel Significant to our partner, our peers and we're all looking for validation and acknowledgment, we all want to know that we matter.

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