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How To Start Evaluating Human Performance To Enhance Talents & Abilities

When considering human potential there are 5 categories in which to contemplate 🤔. Typically you will have strengths in two or more of these categories. For the most part people are already familiar with two of these categories mainly Intellectual Performance and Emotional Performance however not too much attention is focused on the others or through the same lense as The LifePrint Operating System.


“A wise-man learns from his mistakes”, “A genius learns from everyone else's”


The Categories of Human Potential & Performance are listed below:-

(Each category of Performance will always have two phases with the exception of TP which only has one).


- Intellectual Performance - IP

- Emotional Performance - EP

- Motivational Performance - MP

- Physical Performance - PP

- Transformational Performance - TP

LifePrint B2B Facilitation (1).png


“The more you let go of what you think you know, the more you’ll learn and grow.”

The first phase of Intellectual Potential is the ability to creatively generate and express new ideas, inspiring others to become enthusiastic and believe in the idea so therefore, certainty and assertiveness go hand in hand and are natural traits of Intellectual Potential.

The second phase is the ability to gather, unemotionally analyze and then share knowledge and information. Inventing new systems and processes are natural talents that are innate to Intellectual Potential along with lateral thinking and communication.

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