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Leadership Communication Coach, LifePrint Analyst & Program Director

BCom, MSc., Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach, Member of International Association of Business Communicators, Canadian Psychological Association, and ICF

Founder of Lead from Common Ground Leadership Connection Technique

Disconnection is one of the biggest pain points professionally, personally, globally. When a rock-solid business case isn’t enough to get through to someone, or when you have a great role but don’t feel alive in it, or when you’re not sure how to move forward in your career, partnership or with your – connective trust must be created. Easier said than done. Or is it? How can you create empowering Connective Leadership today? Faster and more easily than you think.

Amy Douglas is the communication coach of choice for forward-thinking leaders in transformation. With over 12 years of corporate communications and coaching experience, Amy is a recognized developer of high performing individuals and cross-functional teams. Her goal is to help leaders work well and be well.

Amy specializes in the neuroscience of connection, culture co-creation and communicating for empowered change. Her focus: communication that builds trust, unlocks the best of the executive brain, and truly moves people to be their best - optimizing collaborative advantage. Higher leadership, deeper learning, and healthier results.

Clients learn to cultivate better connection with themselves and others through greater self-awareness, cutting-edge communication strategy, and choice. Amy partners with forward-thinking leaders to enhance their communication and interpersonal skills, improving relationships and business outcomes for sustainable success.

Amy partners with leaders at every level to empower their transformation and design their experience and expansion. Getting to the real root of who you are, who your team is, and what it needs to connect and propel forward is Amy’s life’s work.


Her passion is understanding and celebrating each leader’s uniqueness and helping them expand. Combining training in neuroscience, social psychology, business and corporate communication, Amy brings the LifePrintOS to clients ready to go deeper, farther, faster and operate in new, more effective ways.


Lead yourself and your teams into intentional, co-created connection that makes so much more possible – today and over time. Decode your wiring (individual and team), find your unique language, create meaningful connection that drives healthy, sustainable growth.  Suit your soul and Lead from Common Ground. Learn how to connect in practical, meaningful, powerful ways that go far beyond business theory. Create constructive compatibility.


Amy supports clients in their empowerment using the LifeprintOS as an evaluative growth engine that helps them find meaning, generate movement, and create transformational change. She helps leaders at every level learn how to ask meaningful questions and co-create a vision that draws them and others forward. With Amy, clients learn to understand how to notice and shift brain states to build trust required for results. How you perceive, what you believe, what you do, how you feel, how you decide, express, all comes together in your leadership emanation.


Amy works well with nuance, complex or sensitive situations, and disparate groups. She is able to transcend role, background or any ways that clients define themselves to connect meaningfully in a way that expands the client’s possibility and perspective.


Whether you’re burnt out and ready to rejuvenate, ready to develop empowered decision making that’s clear and connected to who you are at your core, hungry to build trust and collaboration that’s real and meaningful for experience and performance, Amy  and the LifePrintOS can help.

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