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LifePrintOS Analyst & Solutions Architect & Integrative Facilitator

Joel is passionate about two aspects in life. Developing people and saving the environment.


Ultimately, he wants to know that he can leave a world that is inheritable by our children and their children.


He has been a part time healer since the late 1980’s where he began his healing journey at the College of Natural Health Sciences. Since then, he has applied himself in the worlds of healing and business.


Joel is a skilled and visionary professional, offering more than 19 years of experience providing meaningful leadership to the organisations he has served.


Joel is a life coach with an experienced specialisation in energy psychology modalities.


Joel is qualified and practising in the following areas:

1. LifePrintOS Analyst

2. Life Coaching Practitioner 

3. Access Consciousness Practitioner

4. PsychK (Practitioner

5. Ho’Oponopono Practitioner 

5. Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner/Teacher


He is also qualified and capable in the following areas:

1. Usui Reiki (Master)

2. Karuna Reiki (Master)

3. Lighterian Reiki (12th Dimension Master)

4. Aura Soma (Practitioner)

5. Massage and Osteopathy (addition to massage qualification) (Practitioner)

6. Reflexology (Practitioner)

7. Aromatherapy (Practitioner)

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