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LifePrint Analyst,
Integrative Medicine Specialist

My name is Beate Schulte-Brader, of German origin, living in South Africa. By profession I am a Biologist (MSc) and Personal Trainer. As a certified BodyTalk practitioner and LifePrint Analyst ( registered with EHO – Energy Healers Association)  I have dedicated my work  towards the fascinating realm of Energy Medicine and the mapping of the individual human potential 


I offer BodyTalk and Breakthrough sessions as well as LifePrint Analysis for Individuals and Groups – private and business, as well as Facial Screening for Mineral Deficiencies (Tissue Salts) at “Your Space for Wellness”. 

I am also helping people to lose weight and find a healthy life style through Dr. Kromhout’s Kinesio Weightloss program.

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