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LifePrint Analyst,
Integrative Health Specialist

My passion is in helping you realize your full potential. 


So many of our problems are caused by our insecurities around who we are. 
Other people often seem more blessed academically, socially, relationship wise, and we ask ourselves what am I doing wrong ? 
Is the ‘wrong’ possibly that you are trying to be like another and not yourself? 

Is the ‘wrong’ that you are missing your gifts in this self-imposed race to be like the people who you think are better than you, instead of just being yourself? 

Understand that if you create a life that aligns with your purpose, you will be happier, healthier, more successful, less stressed and infinitely more powerful; a life that supports your true-self and not someone else’s version of who you SHOULD BE is the most empowering life to live.  

With The LifePrintOS you will have the tools to help you realize your potential, celebrate and magnify your gifts and navigate your challenges, with confidence and ease.  With these tools, together, we can create a life for you that is full of purpose, direction and balance, a life filled with ease.

Is this you?


Then let's work together and create the life you've always dreamt of. 

We can replace long held negative beliefs about yourself with the truth of your potential, and relegate other people’s opinion of you to the bin. 


Each one of us is unique and each one of us has a role to play in this world, let’s find out what yours is, so that you can live it!  


I qualified as a specialist Art Teacher in 1988. 

Almost immediately on entering the teaching environment I noticed a profound need in each and every student to learn the value of SELF.


Their unhappiness, dissatisfaction and bullying was all centered around their own insecurities.


Prior to finding The LifePrintOS I searched to find a modality that would allow me to teach these young people to love themselves and make them realize just how special they were as individuals and that there was no need for comparison with others as we each bring a unique flavor, experience and expertise into this thing called life.

I searched by studying Counseling Psychology, then Psychotherapy, then Art Therapy.  Always looking for something that would make an individual fall in love with themselves.  It wasn’t enough to tell them.  What I needed to do was show them.

And The LifePrintOS did exactly that!

LifePrint teaches you who you are.  What your challenges and gifts are. 
It empowers you to take back full-control of your Human Operating System generate your own needs so you feel fulfilled and experience a life filled with passion and purpose.


The LifePrintOS will allow you to discover a deeper tolerance, understanding and respect for yourself  than ever before and as you journey deeper into you, you begin to understand others and you're able to demonstrate more tolerance, understanding for their challenges and begin to respect their process.


So many of us go through life struggling with truly knowing who we are. 


Comparing ourselves to others and finding ourselves lacking. 


Here is a system that allows you to understand your patterning, your choices, reactions and behaviors and will give you the tools to live your best life to its fullest potential.

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