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Here to Educate and Challenge


The first step along the path to becoming a Connective Leader.

In this 3 Day Intensive you will venture down a path of self discovery becoming familiar with your inner most being. LifePrint will reveal why you make the choices you do and why you repeat the same patterns of behaviour throughout your life. 

LifePrint – Self Leadership Program is ultimately about YOU!

Everybody comes into this life with a toolbox, understanding how to use these tools is paramount in understanding what you are here to explore, your purpose and what your talents and abilities are, where your strengths and challenges are found and how you are hard-wired.

Understanding what your unique gifts, tools and challenges are is an integral part and process of your self development and growth throughout Life.

This is The LifePrint Human Operating System In A Box, everything you need to know about how LifePrint measures Human Performance & Potential, how to evaluate, enhance and evolve your experience and discover how to do it for your friends and family.

Professor & Students


The second step takes a deeper look at relationships in life & business.

These are the skills every business owner, parent and service orientated business wish they'd could have. 

Learn the ability to map people analytics for teams, business and romantic partnerships, families and groups.

Take a deeper look into different combinations and a more behavior patterns and learn the secrets to analysis.  

Successful Work Team


The final step is about mastering the practical application of the system.

At The LifePrint System we will go out of our way to engage our participants and inspire them to enquire, learn and certify as Analysts. This event gives our participants a chance to apply their unique skills and expand their horizons by applying their knowledge in a practical way to impact lasting change in their clients.

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