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Is this what you've been waiting for?


Physical Matter only makes up 1% of totality - which means you're missing 99% of the equation and a huge piece of the puzzle!


Come and discover the Senses and definitions of your personal pilot wave and begin to dive deep into the co-creation of the Universal Field Funtion and the radiance that is Your Higher-Self Consciousness.


16 whole new set of Senses & Definitions Revealed; learn to connect at a level of depth you've never thought possible.


Welcome to The LifePrintOS - The Higher-Self Consciousness - More You Than You Ever Knew.

Self Paced in your own space before going LIVE for the advanced framework.


The Higher Self Consciousness Advanced Training LIVE

Join the Creator and Founder LIVE in this in-depth advanced HigherSelfOS training and take yourself on a Journey of evolutionary proportions!


Day 1: You will be walked through the Architecture in a detailed and specific way & building combinations that will speak to your Soul-Spiritual pathway.


Day 2: The Space Memory Crystal explained indepth & your 4 Stranded DNA

Cerebral Spinal Fluid Dynamics & Pineal Gland


Day 3: Advanced Activation & Synchronisation
Discover the breathing sequence for Sending, Receiving and Subconscious Perceptive Soul-Spiritual Experiences.


Bonus Day:
De-Briefing, Questions, Feedback & Further Exploration


The LifePrintOS Higher-Self Consciousness & Advanced LIVE

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