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Is this what you've been waiting for?


Physical Matter only makes up 1% of totality - which means you're missing 99% of the equation and a huge piece of the puzzle!


Come and discover the Senses and definitions of your personal pilot wave and begin to dive deep into the co-creation of the Universal Field Funtion and the radiance that is Your Higher-Self Consciousness.


Discover a 16 whole new set of Senses & Definitions and learn to connect at a level of depth you've never thought possible.


Welcome to The LifePrintOS - The Higher-Self Consciousness - More You Than You Ever Knew.

The LifePrintOS Higher-Self Consciousness

  • This Event developed by Justin Damian Furness entails teachings from some of the greatest minds the world has known from Carl Jung, Douglas Forbes to Nassim Haramein and Bruce Lipton; both old and new. The system is based on ancient teachings and modern science, mathematics, sacred geometry and the latest research in neuroscience; the mind, body and spirit all play an integral role in our genetic make up.

    Being able to map our path through life gives us knowledge and ultimately power to foresee challenges, movement and opportunities. It is up to each individual to allow tolerance, respect and love for themselves so grace and honour may arise for another’s processing as we are all different yet have a collective consciousness and are fast moving toward the next step in our evolution.


    This Live Event will empower you with strategies to intimately know yourself, your ability to process information, express yourself, project towards others and gather information.


    LifePrint will equip you to better understand your partner, children, and family giving you tolerance to honour their processing styles for who they are supporting you to understand their choices and behaviours in the most dynamic way possible; thereby empowering you with the best method to help guide them along their path through life.


    After this Event you will never look at anybody through the same lenses again.

    Welcome to LifePrint – Mapping Blueprints Of Potential - A journey into understanding who you REALLY are and ultimately into what you ARE becoming.


    After LifePrint – Mapping Blueprints Of Potential

    The participant will be able to do basic personality analysis on their family, friends, collegues and themselves; mostly the initial course is there for you to delve deeper into your own psyche and become aware of your Active and Reactive behaviour, where you are in your life and how to make the most of the Energies available to you.

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