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LifePrintOS Analyst & Program Director, Head Of Student Development, Integrative Med. Specialist

When you were born, you began to be shaped by other people’s beliefs and ideas of who you should be.  Unknowingly, you ended up creating a whole new identity and personality based on people’s opinions, society’s expectations and everything that you thought you were supposed to do. 


And now you’ve reached this time in your life and you’re questioning – Who am I? Why am I here? I should be grateful for all that I have, but something is missing. 

Perhaps you are waking up to the dreams that your Soul has always yearned for, the dreams that you suppressed because you were distracted by the need to survive and keep others happy.


So what’s next for me? How can I find the answers and claim my future instead of sitting on the sidelines of my life and my destiny?


These were the very same questions that intermittently found their way to my consciousness. I dismissed them until they nagged at me with such persistence that I couldn’t ignore them any longer. I was a mother and a wife, and ran a successful family coaching and autism consulting practice. Maybe this was just me getting bored; I had transitioned from two other professions - starting my career in high-tech public relations and then moving on to life and business coaching.

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My path of self-discovery and healing was already well worn, but the truth is that I felt like an imposter living someone else’s dream. My upbringing and childhood trauma conditioned me to give away my power striving to meet everyone’s ideas and expectations of who I should be so I could feel adequate, seen, heard and valued. 


These questions sparked a challenging yet exciting and deeply gratifying adventure to awaken my truth and find my flow to fulfillment. I’ve taken years of learning, exploration, experimentation and practical application and created a program that helps people to align to their original self, attune to their intuition, and awaken their awareness so they can be in control and start designing their destiny.


Are you ready to reclaim your power and restore trust in yourself? Are you ready to move forward with confidence and a deep inner knowing that you are the creator of your destiny? 


I would be honoured to accompany you through this next phase of your growth and to celebrate your process, learning and accomplishments.

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