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Token Description


The LifePrintOS Access token will be the utility token used for the future access to The LifePrintOS Platform; A Coaching & Change-Management CMS Suite for the Performance Evaluation, Enhancement and Evolution Of Talent & Team Management.

It will allow for clients to access the software using the utility token and creates coaching cards which enables clients and Certified LifePrintOS Analysts to use the predictive behaviour algorithm for psychometric reporting.


Licenses are renewed Monthly Or Yearly with an NFT and allows access to the platform along with all branding and marketing material.


Your digital wallet will hold the tokens and any others designated or supported by the company. 

The LifePrintOS Access token will then be paired with the A:I:B:A Token for our A.I. Coach & Mentor access.

Development Scale And Expected Timeline

January 2023 - Software Token Exchange

January 2025 - Instant Payroll Payments

June 2024 - A.I Dev Launch

August 2025 - ChatGPT API


January 2023 - Software Token Exchange


October 2026 - LifePrintOS A:I:B:A Robotic Architecture IPO Launch

LifePrintOS Alphina our web 3.0 enterprise ready software suite for Talent & Team Management.  Workspace and tokens have been launched for access to the video training library and creation of coaching cards.


New UX and UI workspace launched.

LifePrintOS Personal Performance Software Is Secured Through It's Own Non-Fungable-Token(NFT) Contracts ensuring your behaviour analytics are safe and kept away from prying eyes.

LifePrintOS Development Team begin A.I Deep Learning Protocols Tracking Needs & Building Solutions based on search criteria to support students and building our LifePrintOS A:I:B:A Neural Net

Have all your talent contracts connected to your organisation through NFT's and remittances handled cross border instantly.

LifePrintOS Development Team integrate A.I Deep Learning Solutions into voice activated Alexa, Google & Siri Skills

LifePrintOS Artificial Intelligent Behaviour Algorithms(A:I:B:A) for friendly safe and secure behaviour neural architecture for robots searching for personality.
Human & Robotic Behaviour Interactivity Integration.

Assets Already Deployed

May 25th 2023

The LifePrintOS Leadership Learning & Development Academy Launchpad

LifePrint Video Academy Leadership

The LifePrintOS Cloud Based Software
Precision Performance Profiling & Talent Growth Management

LifePrintOS Magic Links
LifePrintOS Workspace

Get Realtime Performance Analytics For Partnerships & Teams

The LifePrintOS Psychometrics
George Lucas Career

Contact us for Investment Opportunities

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